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About Us

We are Mefi and Nicole Monteros, a couple that didn't realize shared a joy of fishing until after marriage. Long story short, on our honeymoon we saw an ad for a charter, relived our childhood fishing memories, and found that we loved doing it together. Since that day we have only continued to grow in our journey of fishing. We have shared our love with our kids, Niko and Nate, but have a crazy awesome support system and often get to angle alone. We  also enjoy other outdoor activities such as a good beach trip, vineyards, and sightseeing. We used to hike often but fishing seems to have replaced that, so let's say we are up for a good hike rather than we hike. ;) When we aren't out adventuring you can find us at home doing a diy project or watching a good movie and eating take out.

We share this very brief bio for two reasons, one so you can know a bit about us. Two, to show you this website is coming out of pure love for fishing and outdoors. We have learned so much together and still have so much more to learn. What better way to be experiencing this journey with you? For after all, we are the Fishing Fam. Please join us on our journey by following our social medias, bookmarking this page, and sign up for our mailing list below!

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