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Fishing Trips

For now we are only recommending Maryland fishing spots as it is our primary fishing location. We hope to have more opportunities to fish beyond our home state to add more state fishing trip recommendations. Check back for this in coming months! In the meantime check out our first featured charter!   
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Fishing spots in Maryland that we recommend. 

Shore Fishing

- Blackhill Regional Park - Clarksburg, MD -  (bluegill, crappie, bass)

- Jonas and Catherine Ann Green State Park - Annapolis, MD (perch and sunfish, some rockfish)

- Solomon's Island Fishing Pier - Solomon's, MD (perch, rockfish, "frogs", stingrays) 

- Point Lookout Fishing Pier - Point Lookout, MD (bluefish, rockfish)

Boat Fishing 

- Susquehanna River - Catfish heavy. If you catch a blue catfish, keep and dispose of it even if you don't want to eat it. They are predatory fish that is over populating. 

- Patuxent River - Target fish including perch, rockfish, redfish, and stingrays. 

- Sandy Point Boat Ramp *Bright at night. Highly monitored. Fee to enter. 

- Matapeake Boat Ramp - Pretty decent lighting and good ramp but parking is rough sometimes and costs $10. 

**Please keep in mind these are places we have been with our comfort and skill level. They are recommended purely to give good locations one can go to if they are skilled. A friendly reminder to always be mindful of weather. Also, be mindful of your own boat, skills, licensing, etc before going on the water. We are not responsible for you going on the water and not having proper equipment or training. Please research this more before entering water. BE SAFE! ​

Not Recommended

-Matapeake Fishing Pier -Keeping our eye on this one. It's been a bit crowded the past two times we went. They also close at dark. 

Featured Charter - Thanks for waiting for us to add more to this section!

We went on the Crystal Dawn in Manteo, NC in September 2021. I (Nicole) got to go on this charter with my mom since we were on a family vacation without Mefi unfortunately. As I browsed through a coupon book I stumbled upon them and I have to say I was not disappointed. Here's how it went, fair review. 

- This fish weren't biting on my side of the boat, but that's not the captain's fault! The captain seemed very knowledgeable about the fishing honey holes. The ONE downside, it took a bit to get from one honey hole to the next. The ONE plus side, he took us around to see dolphins and manatees along the way so we got a wildlife tour on top of a charter. 

- Our shipmate was also really knowledgeable! He taught the fishing crew about lots of cool facts about fish that were caught. Did you know a puffer fish is called a parrot fish? Cool! 

- ALL facilities were clean, which is key for me! 

- Fair pricing of the charter and snacks on board. 

- Downside for left reelers, they only have right hand reels! I'll definitely have to investigate a drop reel set up to take my own if I go back! 

- Score - 8/10 - Would go back!

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