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Fishing Tips

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New Anglers

Where do I go? Head to your local pond, lake, or river.

Check our MD Trips page for recommendations! 

When can I go? Prime fishing season for us is April to October. It's the best time for bites and decent weather. :) 


What will I catch? Bass, bluegill, crappie, or trout.


What do I need? 

1. Start with the basics - hook, work, bobber, small weight.

2. Once you've got the basics, add in some top water lures. There are many lures to choose from (swim baits, crank baits, soft baits). Each angler has their preferences so start with a small variety to find yours! 

3. Rod+Reel combo

  • Find a lite to medium weight rod with a spinner reel.

  • Look at the reel capacity (located on the reel spinner). Example: A 10 lb line up to no more than 175 yards. 

  • Choose a fishing line according to the capacity. 

  • You can find this gear at Walmart and tackle stores. 

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For intermediate:

- Buy rods and reels separately (unless you find a good combo).

- Check out for rods men/women can share. (Perf for fishing couples!)

- If you're looking for bigger game fishing look for a solid, one piece, fishing rod. 

- Larger reels have two reel capacity numbers. Mono means clear fishing line capacity and braided line is for braided often colored) fishing line capacity. 

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Tips for fishing with your kids: 

- Don't buy the cute fishing pole. They are pain. Find a stick, tie some line and a soft bait lure. 

- But do spend some money on a small tackle box and some soft baits for each kiddo. They will like being able to play with the lures instead of getting stuck by a hook digging in your box! 

- Take turns keeping an eye out on the kids. No one wants to be the responsible parent the entire time. 

- Be safe near water. If your kiddo likes to play and you might be distracted even for a moment put a life saving water vest on! (P.S. Not just puddle jumpers!) 

Things to bring fishing with kids: 

- Fishing with babies - Bring your pack and play! 

- Pack a few favorite toys for the littles. 

- Pack layers for all kids, always. In the summer start with a t-shirt and shorts but have a lite jacket and a tank. In fall, start with a t-shirt and pants and have a long sleeve, sweater, and hat. 

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