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Fairfield Inn by Marriott Review - Handicap Accessibility

We ended up at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Frederick, MD after a tornado event on February 7th, 2020. You can read about the crazy morning Niko and I had in our blog post. Long story short, we got hit by a tornado, lost power, and ended up getting not one but two hotel rooms for our family. Gram was of course going with us and this is where we ended up needed a second room. We stayed for one evening and left with nothing but great things to say. Read on for reasons why we chose to stay at Fairfield Inn!

Initially we chose the Fairfield Inn because it had a pool and was inexpensive. I am always on the hunt for a good deal and I knew if we were going to pay for a hotel I wanted it to be a mini staycation and be something we would enjoy.

It started with the booking process. The gentleman on the phone made it so easy. I told him how many people we had staying with us and he informed us we would probably need to do two rooms. We had not really thought about it but we were okay with that so that Gram could have her own room, watch what she wanted on tv, and not hear the boys. We also all need our own space. We requested that the room she was going to stay in would be handicap accessible and he quickly took our information. I must say he was also super patient since I kept having Gram give him information then keep talking to me since I was driving.

When we got to the hotel, check in was also super easy and the front desk staff were pleasant. They asked what kind of handicap accessible room we wanted. Apparently there was an option for a shower or tub for people in or out of wheelchairs. That was awesome! I told them it did not matter because she wouldn't be showering the next morning and we would only be there for a night. Our only requirement was that she had rails next to the toilet that she could grab. After telling them that they were able to put us in two rooms that were adjoining which was incredibly convenient for everyone. I was surprised by the availability of the rooms.

(Our hotel 5 mins after check in. Can you relate to this?)

When we went into the room we were impressed. They had a simple decor that was colorful but not gaudy. I appreciated that the linens on the bed were ones that could clearly be washed well (I'm big on no comforters or duvets they seem gross.) The blankets were lightweight but warm.

Most importantly, my grandmother's bathroom was well equipped for her. I was honestly impressed. I had never requested a handicap bathroom but I also don't know if most hotels are this well equipped. The toilet was high for her, had hand rails, and there was a shower that was walk in and had a stool that she could have sat on if she wanted to use it. The doorway and hallway was wide and easy for her to walk through except they could have thought about a way to open the bathroom door easily. We made do by propping it open with a shoe. There was also a hearing impaired door bell but I didn't inspect that too much.

After dinner at a local restaurant, Mefi put Nate to bed while I took Niko to the pool. It was a tad cold at first but we made do. We took his goggles and some pool toys and he had fun playing with another family that had gone through a similar experience that day. They had clean and dry towels well stocked which we really appreciated!

Breakfast the next morning wasn't bad at all for a continental breakfast. There were lots of options. The staff at breakfast and the front desk were just as nice as the day before. The front desk ladies in the morning were fine with Nate running around trying to touch the waterfall and were joking with me and patient with him.

Overall A+ or 5 out of 5 for us for the Fairfield Inn. Thank you for making it a great rest of the day for us!

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