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Spring/Summer Outdoor Toys for Boys - Toddler+ Preteen

Any mommas (or papas) that waited many years between children? If you did then you know THE struggle is to find toys that both children will like. It is a delicate balance of not too babyish for the preteen (or maybe older in your case) and not too old for the little one. When Nate was an infant things were a tad different since toys were definitely separate.

Now that Nate is a toddler, Niko however loves to play with his brother more and needs toys to play with with Baby Nate. I was out to find a few outdoor toys to get some things they both would like. I'll admit we used to have quite the stash of outdoor toys when Niko was younger and we were at our old house. After moving we lost a lot of it due to not properly storing it and Niko didn't play outside as much until he got to know the neighborhood boys. Anyway, here are the things that I got.

Linked are the products on Amazon and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for supporting us!

1. Bubble Lawn Mower - First up is this Fisher Price bubble lawn mower. Niko loved this lawn mower when he was Nate's age. I got rid of it after keeping it for years. I just had to get another and what do you know BOTH boys are getting a kick out of it now! The one I got was $20 on Amazon and I bought some bubbles there too. Here's a link for the lawn mower! The bubbles I got are out of stock and and I can not seem to find a good link for any of them right now. I will be sure to post once I find a good deal.

2.Chalk - If you don't have some handy dandy trusty old chalk, then grab some next time you're at the dollar store, Five Below, or one of our favorite places - TARGET.

3. Pop and Catch Ball popper things on Amazon - Nate loves chasing the ball, Niko loves popping the ball and vice versa. The both boys absolutely get a kick out of this toy. It's a Win - Win. I must mention the boys use these inside and outside.

4. Garden tool sets - Small ones for the toddlers - Found a cute one with three tools in the "dollar section at Target," I think they were $3.

5. Foam Ball Set - This was a request from Niko when I was ordering toys. He wanted them to throw around with Nate, Mefi, and I. Niko has really enjoyed them so far. Nate just likes throwing them in the street for Niko and I (Nicole) to go get.

*Keep reading for a bonus.*

BONUS - Buy some CHEAP paint brushes for a fun activity Niko came up with! I had been inspired one day by an activity that involved giving a toddler a cup of water, a paint brush, and construction paper to "paint on." I told Niko about the idea and he said it sounded boring to do it on construction paper but he'd be down for "painting" the sidewalk out front. It turned in to such a fun activity for everyone! The best part is, after you get a few cheap paint brushes (they will get ruined eventually so I'm talking dollar store cheap) then you don't have to buy anything again and can do the activity as many times as you want. The paint brushes can then be used later for another activity. :)

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