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Summer/Fall picnic checklist

Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since my last post and I am SO sorry! Life and quarantine and teaching got in the way but ya'll don't wanna hear that. In honor of our anniversary, I have decided to share a little love story of Mefi and I so let's get started. Bonus - At the end I will give you a few little checklists for a picnic with your boo!

Let's flashback to late September 2016 when Mefi and I started dating (in case you didn't know). We had just gone on our second date and were on the phone chatting it up. I was telling him how I'd seen an awesome Groupon deal for Great Apes zip lining adventure and asked if he wanted to maybe go. He agreed. I told him I would book it for us.

After we got off the phone I went to book the adventure and the closest date I could book was three weeks away. I did not schedule it as I thought for sure he would not commit to a date so far away. I mean that was my experience before so this wouldn't be different right? Wrong. When I called Mefi back and told him that we would have to put the idea on hold because it was so far away, he questioned me. It was in this moment that I realized, this guy was in this for the long haul. All that nonsense I had heard about the right guy pursuing you, yeah it was right. It was in this moment that he showed, he was pursuing me. This man intended to keep me around if he was intending to see me a few weeks from now. What?! Anyway, we set the date and tried to not see each other but caved for a coffee date late one night. ;)

Anyway the day rolled around and it was my turn to prove I was wifey material. He had left me speechless so I had to turn the tables. Before he arrived to pick me up, I packed us a cute little picnic (in a pie holder but he didn't know that lol). I walked out to the car dressed all cute with the picnic basket in hand. He was like, what's that, and told him it was a little snack I prepped for after our adventure. He was speechless! He's an acts of service kinda guy so I had hit home.

When we got to GoApe, we got prepared to have a blast! Mefi listened intently to every single instruction that was given. As we went up into the trees, my knees were shaking. I think it was apparent to Mefi how scared I was because he kept asking if I was okay. I told him I was and he just kept encouraging me. We got to the top and hit our first take off platform. Mefi asked me why I chose this activity if I was going to be so scared. I told him that just because your are a little afraid of something, that does not mean you can't conquer your fears and do it! He worked to get me on the line and made sure all my safety connections were good and I took off, not looking back for him! We have not stopped that since! Mefi learned that day I am brave, fearless, and I run after what I want. I learned that he was caring, selfless, and always has a positive attitude! It's amazing how swinging in trees like apes on a date will reveal so much! Click to check if there is a GoApe near you! Don't forget to check Groupon for a deal!

After our adventure it was time for our picnic lunch. We drove over to Lake Needwood (in Rockville Maryland) and picked a spot with a little view of the lake. I had a blanket for us to sit on and everything. I have no idea what I packed for our lunch specifically that day but here are some of the things we pack for our family and couple outings now! Here are a few things to get together before you head out for a picnic with your guy or gal!

  • Scout out a location. Some places might be a lake, a trail, historical site, even a vineyard so you don't have to take wine ;0).

  • Depending on your location (i.e. how much walking, weather, etc.) grab a picnic basket, cooler bag, or even a backpack

  • Choose your packing list below and follow it. You can always mix and match too!

Thanks for reading! Tell us in the comments section which picnic list you like the best! Until next time!

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